The Real NeckTie Pattern

Ah, finally, I have come up with a pattern I really like for the necktie quilt.  It meets all criteria:  It is straight lines only (for my first silk-piecing adventure), has good graphic impact  (without too many small fiddly pieces), and is planned to allow me to trim each large square with the Accuquilt cutter prior to piecing them together.  The first version is this:

Random Color Version

Random Color Version

This one is the random color distribution version.  I’ve used the lighter colors for the larger pieces, and the darker colors for the stars and the whirling squares.  But the warm and cool light colors are randomly laid out.  Then I thought perhaps having either the cool colors or the warm colors concentrated in the border/center might be cool.

NeckTie Warm Border

NeckTie Cool Border

The top one of these two has warm colors in the border, cools in the center.  The second of these two has cool colors in the border and warms in the center.  Do you prefer either of these to the first version?

My next task is to trial ironing very lightweight stabilizer to the silk.  I have found all sorts of brand recommendations, some of which are very expensive when I consider using it on the entirety of a 48″ x 48″ quilt.  I’ve decided to start with Pellon fusible interfacing (left over from another project, which is 20″ wide and only $US0.99 per yard.

I’m heading for the drawing board!!