LongArm Quilting Learning Curve

I am loving this longarm quilting- it is such a pleasure to be moving the machine rather than the fabric.  Quilting on a domestic sewing machine is more like writing a letter by moving the paper under a fixed pencil.  With the LongArm, I’m back to moving the pencil, which is going to give me so much more fluency in making stitched designs!

I’m catching up on a backlog of pieced tops-  I’ve always dreaded the quilting part- and now it’s becoming one of my favorite parts!  Here’s what I’ve got on my machine today:

Argyle Blue Rhapsody

Argyle Blue Rhapsody

This is the Argyle Blue Rhapsody.  I’m quilting it mostly in straight lines as I learn to control the machine.  Most of the lines, however, are diagonal, which adds a whole other dimension to controlling the quilting line!


And here’s a real close-up of the quilting lines:


You seem some of the water-soluble aqua marking pen-  I was considering small feathers for the solid diamonds, but decided I still needed more practice on my straight lines first.  The print diamonds have a sunburst pattern, and the diamonds with the black argyle line get a diamond crosshatch.  It’s really exciting seeing the three-dimensionality of this quilt come alive!