Cyclone with an Aura

It started with a Magpie Guild challenge to make a monochromatic block in yellow.  After finishing pouting that I couldn’t add black and white, I started considering options.  I didn’t want a conventional quilt block- I was picturing more of an improv block.  I wanted to use mostly prints, because I didn’t have enough different yellow solid colors.  And I wasn’t interested in just making another “stick a square or circle or triangle in the middle of a different color field and call it a modern quilt”.

I wanted movement!  I thought about the circle motion of a log cabin, but a classic log cabin was too regular.  What about a sort-of string-pieced irregular log cabin?  Aha!!

I love the motion in this, swirling and dancing.  Too pretty to put in a pile of UFOs, where so many single block challenges end up.  So, what next?

Perhaps this could be the center of a SuperNova?  Why, yes, that sounds great.  So, how about a narrow white-ish grey ‘aura’ surrounded by deep blues and blacks?  But what proportions?  Getting these wrong  could make the whole thing flail.

Aha!  I turned again to EQ7, for previews of proportions and placements.  Using a one block quilt and 2 borders, I experimented with all sorts of variations.  Here are the two finalists.

I’m not sure which I like better.  So I think I’ll make the larger version of the white, then try it ‘in person’.  If it turned out I prefer the smaller, I can trim it down.

Next task:  How to sew the border?  String piecing?  Those could be long narrow pieces of paper that might rip easily.  Do I want the pieces heading straight out?  Or continuing the swirly motion?   Things to ponder before I set about this task tomorrow.