A Quilt from Ties?

It all started with a fashion concern.  Sweet Husband decided to weed out his humongous collection of ties, leaving only the ones he really loved and wore often (and maybe so he’d have a good excuse to buy more??).  I sat on the bed helping him decide which ones were really ‘him’.

Ties Galore

Karen helping with sorting the Mega-Tie Collection

As the pile of rejects grew, I thought, hmmmmm.  These are all silk.  I have always wanted to try working with silk in quilting.  Hmmm. Hmmm.  I wonder if it would work to  somehow use this silk in a quilt?  Here’s the collection I ended up with!!QuiltsFromTies1h

Such silky goodness should obviously not go to waste!  So I searched a bit online, and one person made the point that ties are often filthy, having been the catchers of everything from soup to (let’s not name it).  Washing so many by hand seemed daunting, so into the washer they went.  Regular cycle, regular soap.  And them I piled them into the dryer, again regular setting.  When the dryer cycle dinged ‘Done’, I opened the dryer door with trepidation:


A little scary looking!  And here’s the pile back in the basket:


One at a time, I thought.  Here are the first three I chose to tackle:


They look kinda crumpled and yucky.  Was this a good idea?  So, I chose one and settled down to tie deconstruction:QuiltsFromTies1d

First I removed the label.  Then I cut threads up the center seam.  This was very loosely sewn, and easy to cut.  I removed the felt or interfacing, and spread the tie out.  The stitching holding the lining in place at both ends was sewn with much smaller tighter stitches, and required a small embroidery scissors to undo.  Then I laid it all out flat, and ironed out the creases.  Flatter was very helpful with this (no affiliation).  And look at what I ended up with!!QuiltsFromTies1f

You know how big a rotary cutter is!   This is a seriously big amount of silk!  It measures 8″ at the widest point, and a total of 64″ long!!  And here it is folded and ready for the shelf.  QuiltsFromTies1e

The deconstruction and ironing took about half an hour, but I think with practice that will get faster-  and if I tackle this whole basket of now-clean ties I will get a lot of practice!!

How will these deconstructed ties work in a quilt?  To Be Determined!  I notice that the narrower ‘tail’ of the fabric is a nice size for cutting hexies.  The broader part should work for all sorts of potential designs.  Maybe trolling through thrift shops looking for silk ties is in my future?