Skinny Nine-Patch


I’ve been thinking about another 9-patch design for a while.  Today I got started on it.  As usual, I start with colors first.  I pull fabrics I like together, modifying, adding, rearranging until the colors and patterns are singing to me:

Blog-KHH_0084-750L-201412I like these kind-of odd mustard-y/tangerine-y/citron colors together.  The solids around the perimeter are the ones I am planning on trying with the various prints.  I set myself the challenge of using one solid and one print for each 9-patch.  Here are my first two test patches:

Blog-KHH_0086-750L-201412The ‘Skinny’ part of the title description is the center part of the nine-patch.  The center and the cross pieces are narrower than the 4 corner quadrants.   My next task is to make another 15-20 of these squares in various fabric combos, then put them up on my design wall and start to see how they want to be used together.  All of these squares will end up 4 1/2″ per side.  Do I want them all this size?  Should I make some larger?  or even smaller?  Do I want some squares or rectangles of all one fabric? Shall I introduce some triangle, or even some curves?  This is where the fun comes in with an improv quilt- you take a start idea- in this case, the fabric color selection and the idea of a skinny 9-patch- and start running!

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