August’s Bee: Circle of Geese

For the July bee block, Cristin chose circle of geese:  Here’s her example, with stunning color choices!!

Circling Geese

Cristin asked for two colors for the geese, with 6 different prints of each.  My choices were bronzes and corals.  This block is paper pieced, which gives very precise piecing.  Piece by Number has an excellent downloadable PDF of the pattern.

For piecing it is divided into 4 sub-squares:



The fabric pieces are sewn onto the back of the printed side, and the lines printed on the front are used as stitching lines.




Here are the backs, two with paper removed, and two not yet removed.  


And the fronts of all 4!Blog-DSC_0111-750L-201409

Here it is fully assembled and trimmed- so pretty!


Look how precise the paper-pieces points are!!


And this is only half of the pile of paper removed from the back of the completed block!  The one down-side of paper piecing.  Using a small stitch, creasing the paper seams by folding, and stretching the fabric bias-wise all help to make the paper removal easier.  I am so looking forward to seeing this finished quilt!!!

StarSearch Variations

Here are some alternative colorings for StarSearch, should you want to make one for your own!!

Variation #1 just switches all the white fabric for black, and makes the little black corners white instead of black.

Black Background variation of StarSearch.

Black Background variation of StarSearch.

For this variation, all the black is switched for navy.  The stars are now made of alternating black and white, and the little corner triangle are now alternating bright yellow and white.

This variation has me thinking about a starry night!

This variation has me thinking about a starry night!

This mostly monochromatic variation is brightened by alternating red and white tiny corner squares.  The background has morphed to light bray, and the stars are alternating charcoal and white.


This final (for now) color variation uses pastels (a baby quilt or floor play mat?).  There is a pale pink background, stars of alternating darker pink and light grey, and tiny corner squares of alternating light grey and charcoal!



This design is also great for scrap quilts.  You’ll probably want to keep the background a consistent solid or solid-like print.  It had the most graphic impact if you use a consistent theme for the stars and the tiny squares.  Examples of this:  (1) use warm-colored prints for the stars, and cool-colored prints for the tiny squares, or (2) Use a white background, only red prints for the stars, and only blue prints for the tiny corners.