Karen’s Original Bee Block: StarSearch!!


Here is the EQ rendering of sort-of what this quilt will look like- the actual thing will have more randomness in the colors and shapes of the stars!



Yes, it is made up of 16 individual squares, so I will be making 4 extras in addition to the Bee squares.

Each individual square is 12″ by 12″ (before sewing together, 12.5″ x 12.5″), and consists of 4 nearly identical squares.  Each component square is rotated in a different direction to make up the 12 x 12 square.

StarSearch Square


To start this block, cut 4 of 6.5″ white or ‘reads-as-white’ fabric.    Cut 4 of 1″ squares of black, navy, charcoal solid or near-solid print.  And cut 4 of 3-4″ right angle triangles of varying bold solids or prints:



Next, sew a dark square diagonally to one corner of each white square.  Trim and press:




Next, lay out the triangles onto the opposite corner of each square at varying angles.


Sew, press, and trim into 6.5″ squares.



 Here they are before trimming them to neat 6.5″ squares:


And here are the trimmed squares, laid out in the color order that I finally decided upon:



And the final, sewn-together square, ready to be joined with 15 other similar squares to make an awesome quilt!




I hope you enjoy making this original square, and perhaps decide to make an entire quilt of your own, the airy, spacey and elegant StarSearch Quilt!

Hello, Modern Quilting World- First Post for a New Blog!!!

Karen at the Sewing Machine

Karen with her beloved Bernina Artista 180, surrounded by her books and fabric. What could be better?

Hi, I’m Karen.  I’ve been quilting for a number of years.  My style has evolved from classic patterns through exploring art quilts, dyeing and all sorts of surface design to my newest enthusiasm, modern and improvisational quilts.  Stick with me, and I’ll show you the designs that inspire me, and the quilts that result!  My next post will be a tutorial for an original block for my month of the Quilt Bee at Columbus Modern Quilt Guild.